The Institution

The Institution

The seed of St. Arnold's School, Vijay Nagar was sown in the year 1990 by the Divine Word Missionaries, popularly known as the SVD Fathers and Brothers, who were approached by the Indore Development Authority for a good English medium school. While there were other Catholic schools in the city, the population in and around Vijay Nagar, on the northern outskirts of Indore city, off Bombay Agra Road, was increasing rapidly. Hence, after having discussed with the local residents, both Catholics and of other religions, the Society of the Divine Word laid the foundation stone for a school building on 74/C Vijay Nagar and named it after the Founder of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), St. Arnold Janssen.

The school was affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi and accepted both female and male students. As the years went by the initial number of 90 students increased rapidly and the Management added improved infrastructure in terms of buildings, playground, music room, audio visual room, library, computer laboratory and other facilities.

Today St. Arnold's Higher Secondary School, Vijay Nagar has over 2000 students guided by a pool of 75 well trained teachers and ably assisted by an efficient support staff.

Core Values

  • Love of God above all things
  • Intellectual and professional competence
  • Commitment to justice and fairness
  • Compassion for the poor and the marginalized
  • Respect for all religions, cultures and races
  • A spiritual vision of the world where everyone lives in peace and harmony

Our Mission

  • To enable students grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • To provide the necessary facilities for the students to excel in their studies and develop reading habits.
  • To instill a sense of patriotism by focusing on and commemorating the events of national importance.
  • To motivate students to be disciplined and to have respect for shared human values.
  • To Instill in the students habit of cleanliness of oneself and the surroundings.
  • To inculcate in students eco-sensitivity by a complete ban of plastics and encourage students to plant trees and to protect them.
  • To make sincere efforts to have 100% result every year in the board exam.
  • To provide ample opportunities for teachers to update, innovate and grow professionally.

Our Vision

"May the Darkness of Ignorance vanish before the Light of Knowledge and Truth, and may the Love of God live in us all.

Our Motto

The Word has a significant position in every religion and in every person???s life. Our ancient sages of India reached God uttering OM, the eternal sound. In Hebrew-Christian Scriptures, the WORD of God is the ultimate reality, who creates everything and from whom life emerges. The same WORD of God became flesh in Jesus Christ who declared: ???I have come so that you may have life and have it in abundance.??? When we speak words of love to our friends we enhance their lives. They begin to enjoy life in fullness. Every Arnoldian is expected to knit friendships of life-giving relations rooted in the WORD and sharing His life. It is something that is cherished more than information, knowledge and wisdom. In sharing Love in the WORD, we share life.

School Mono

  • THE OPEN BOOK stands for Literacy, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and all areas of modern education.
  • THE ETERNAL WORD of the Bible, the Upanishads, and the Holy Books of all religions have a divine influence on the entire learning process.
  • THE BURNING OIL LAMP reminds us of that divine inspiration and influence.
  • THE STARS in the outer circle point to Academic Excellence.
  • THE SANSKRIT MANTRA - means - Life giving Word.
  • THE CROSS IN THE CENTRE OF THE GLOBE reminds us of Lord Jesus Christ who really gave His life for the whole world. He is the Eternal Word which took human form and lived in our midst to give us an example of self-sacrificing love, care and concern for all and surrendering devotion to God.

  • Our Traditions

    Arnoldians take pride of being a part of this institution and are: 1. Hard working, setting high goal and standards and are persistent in their effort to achieve them. 2. They aspire to be mentally, physically and psychologically strong. 3. They are aware of social structure and national goals and are able to accept and discharge personal responsibilities. 4. Avoid vulgarity in their talk and behaviour. Arnoldians try to speak correct English in the school premises. 5. Offer help to any unattended visitor coming across in the school premises. 6. Respectful to the authorities, teachers and elders, greet them, help them to carry any heavy things if they are carrying. 7. Realization that hard, persevering, systematic and creative personal efforts is the only stepping stone to real success, especially in studies. 8. Conscious that true nobility consists in being honest and sincere, decent and gentle in speech, behaviour and action. 9. Keep their school clean and neat in and out. An Arnoldian loves to leave the school and its premises clean by picking up any wrapper or waste material lying on the ground and placing them in the dustbin provided. 10. Arnoldians are brothers and sisters and therefore, everyone is to be treated with brotherly-sisterly dignity and decorum. The desire to observe these above must come from within and must be genuine, only thus can one???s character be formed.

    School Anthem

    Saint Arnold our great Patron.
    We glory in your name,
    So fill our school with glory,
    Courage, Strength and Fame. (2)
    Your motto, Let your light shine. (3)
    Your virtues we uphold,
    We pledge that we will be loyal,
    We love your heart of gold.
    So fill our heart with kindness,
    And always be our guide,
    We promise to be faithful,
    And serve you till the end.
    Serve you till the end.