Fee Structure – Classes I To XII


CLASS Inst 1 (Rs.) Inst 2 (Rs.) Inst 3 (Rs.) Inst 4 (Rs.) TOTAL (Rs.)
Std I 12,130 9,910 8,815 9,910 40,765
Std II 9,830 9,910 8,815 9,910 38,465
Std III to VIII 9,980 10,060 8,960 10,050 39,050
Std IX to X 11,200 11,270 10,180 11,260 43,910
Std XI PCM with Maths/Hindi 10,190 9,930 8,860 9,930 38,910
Std XI PCM/PCB with Computer/IP 11,600 11,340 10,275 11,340 44,555
Std XI PCM/PCB with PE 10,875 10,615 9,550 10,615 41,655
Std XI PCM/PCB with Entrepreneurship 10,875 10,615 9,550 10,615 41,655
Std XI Commerce with Maths/Hindi 9,650 9,390 8,310 9,390 36,740
Std XI Commerce with Computer/IP 11,060 10,800 9,725 10,800 42,385
Std XI Commerce with PE 10,335 10,075 9,000 10,075 39,485
Std XI Commerce with Entrepreneurship 10,335 10,075 9,000 10,075 39,485
Std XII PCM with Maths/Hindi 9,880 9,930 8,860 9,930 38,600
Std XII PCM/PCB with Computer/IP 11,290 11,340 10,275 11,340 44,245
Std XII PCM/PCB with PE 10,565 10,615 9,550 10,615 41,345
Std XII PCM/PCB with Entrepreneurship 10,565 10,615 9,550 10,615 41,345
Std XII Commerce with Maths/Hindi 9,340 9,390 8,310 9,390 36,430
Std XII Commerce with Computer/IP 10,750 10,800 9,725 10,800 42,075
Std XII Commerce with PE 10,025 10,075 9,000 10,075 39,175
Std XII Commerce with Entrepreneurship 10,025 10,075 9,000 10,075 39,175

Late Fee: Students/Parents will have to pay a late fee of Rs. 10/- per day, along with the installment, after the due date is over.

New Admission Fee : Rs.6000/-
Registration Fee (Once Only) : Rs.300/-
Caution Money at the time of admission to 1st Std and all new admissions is Rs.2000/- (refundable at the time of T.C.)
In normal cases, the fee paid is not refunded after admission.


The School Fees for the whole session are payable either together or in 4 installments for Classes I to XII in the following months and dates:
1st Installment - on or before 20th July 2018
2nd Installment – on or before 20th September 2018
3rd Installment – on or before 20th November 2018
4th Installment – on or before 20th January 2019


In the context of the new monetary regulations by the government and the Circular from the CBSE instructing schools to accept fees through online non-cash mode, last year St. Arnold’s H.S. School had fixed up with The Federal Bank Ltd. for providing FEE COLLECTION FACILITY. Likewise, School Fees for the session 2018-19, will also be collected through ‘E-FEE’ facility provided by the Federal Bank Ltd. School fees can be paid at any of the 1150+ branches of the Federal Bank Ltd. across the country.

The list of branches of Federal Bank Ltd in and around Indore:

The Federal Bank Ltd., Indore, Vijaynagar
Address:  G2 & G3. Malay Corporate, Plot No. 11,  Bhamori, Scheme 54, Indore – 452010 (M.P.)

The Federal Bank Ltd., Indore Main Branch
Address: P.B. No.21/4, Ratlam Kothi, Sakar Bhavan, Indore – 452 001 (M.P.)

The Federal Bank Ltd., Indore, Piplyahana
Address: C- 3, Brajeshwari, Piplyahana Chouraha, Indore , (M.P.)

The Federal Bank Ltd., Ujjain
Address: Gopal Plaza, 11 Varuchi Marg, Near Shahid Park, Freeganj, Ujjain, 456 010 (M.P.)

The Federal Bank Ltd., Dewas
Address: Plot No.8, Tanani Colony, A B Road, Dewas, (M.P) 455001

The Federal Bank Ltd. offers the following modes for payment of the school fees through the bank: 1. Online mode 2. Offline mode

ONLINE MODE:  Parents/guardians/students are requested to use the ONLINE MODE for fee payment.

Although there are various ways available for online fee payment, we recommend that you make school fee payments digitally through Federal Bank’s ‘BHIM LOTZA’ UPI PAYMENTS APP by linking your bank account, because it is easy and FREE of charges. . Here, the parents can pay the fees from their Bank accounts maintained with any Public Sector Bank/Scheduled Commercial Bank in the country after linking them to the BHIM LOTZA UPI PAYMENTS APP without any charges.

(A Tutorial for fee payment through LOTZA is provided at the top right side of the school website for your assistance.)

Parents/guardians/students can also make on line fee payment in simple steps by clicking the Federal Bank’s Payment Gateway link given at the school website: www.starnoldsvijaynagar.com  On clicking the link you will be automatically re-directed for the online payment of school fees through Debit Card/Credit Card / Internet Banking.  Bank charges will be applicable.

(A tutorial mode is also provided at the school website to assist the parents/guardians/students in learning the steps for online fee payment.)

Parents/ Guardians/Students having account in the Federal Bank Ltd can pay the fees from their accounts without any transaction charges through Fed-Mobile, Scan N Pay and internet banking.

 Tariff for payment of fees through different online modes

FEDNET (Federal Bank Customers) FREE
FEDMOBILE (Federal Bank Customers) FREE
LOTZA (Any Bank Customers) FREE
UPI(Any Bank Customers) FREE
DEBIT CARD (Any Bank Customers) Rs.20 + GST
CREDIT CARD (Any Bank Customers) 1% of fee amount + GST
OTHER BANK NET BANKING (Any Bank Customers) Rs.20 + GST

OFFLINE MODE: Offline fee payment facility is available for those want to pay the fees by D.D. or in Cash. However, transaction charges for cash payment will be levied by the bank.

In the offline mode, parents/guardians can make fee payment by presenting the Demand Draft (D.D.) or CASH (subject to government regulations) along with the duly filled challan (triplicate copy) available at the Federal Bank branches, Indore. (See the list of bank branches) For speedy payment at the bank, parents are advised to correctly fill up the details in the challan form, well in advance.

  • Online payment facility is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is very easy and time-saving.
  • Fee payment can be made by Demand Draft (D.D.) or CASH at any of the branches of the Federal Bank Ltd. from 10.30 am to 4.00 pm on bank working days. When you visit the bank for fee payment, it is important to carry along the details, such as the Student’s Name and Scholar Number, and which installment is to be paid etc. (Scholar Number can be found on the Student ID as well as on the 1st page of the Student’s Handbook)
  • In case of Demand Draft (D.D.) payment, do not drop the D.D. in the drop box at the bank. Do submit the D.D. at the bank counter and collect the student copy of the challan from the bank.
  • The option to make fee payment by Demand Draft (D.D.) is available only upto 15th July, 15th September, 15th November and 15th January for the respective installments.
  • LATE PAYMENT: All fees should be paid latest by the dates stipulated. After the due date, Late Fee of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged. Please note that no request for reduction / waiver of Late Fee will be entertained. Therefore, kindly pay the fees on time and avoid late fees.
  • All fees must be fully cleared before a student is admitted to any of the periodic evaluations. The admission card must be signed by the accountant and submitted to the class teacher at least three days before the commencement of the periodic evaluation.
  • If a student is absent without giving notice for withdrawal from the school, fees for that duration is due even if the absence continues.
  • The original fee receipts should be preserved at least till the end of the academic year for any future reference and be produced if required. No queries/references will be entertained without producing the original receipt.
  • The Fee Office will be open from 1st to 20th of every month from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. for fee related work (Fee Receipts and Fee Certificate etc.).


Fee paid will not be refunded after the completion of admission formalities. However, if T.C. is taken during the 1st term, fees for the 1st term has to be paid completely. If T.C. is taken after the commencement of the 2nd term, the whole year’s fees will have to be paid. However, if the whole year’s fees had been paid in the beginning of the academic session and TC is to be taken during the 1st term of the session, the tuition fees of the 2nd term will be refunded and once the 2nd term commences no fee will be refunded at all.



S. No. Particulars Rs.
 1 Certificates : (T.C., DoB Certificate, Conduct Certificate, Bona Fide Certificate, Schooling Certificate etc) 50
2 Duplicate T.C. 50
3 Duplicate Handbook 100
4 Duplicate Report Card 50
5 Re-Checking charges Annual Exams/S.A. 2 (per paper) 50
6 Compartmental Exam Fees (per paper) 50
7 Tuition Fee Certificate / Duplicate Fee Receipt 30
8 Railway Concession Forms 30