Principal’s Message

Dear Parent,

On behalf of the School's fraternity, it's my pleasant task and humble duty to welcome you to our school. The good God has abundantly blessed us for more than a quarter of a century and we have grown from strength to strength. From the very inception of our school, we have chosen a very simple, short and relevant motto, "Be good, do good." We are happy to say that this motto has influenced each and every stakeholder, student and staff member who has been instrumental in the growth and progress of this institution. The holistic developmental approach adopted by our school not only prepares your child for the Board examinations but also for life itself as a life-long-learner. A value-based discipline is a tradition in St. Arnold's and we take pride in such a reputation. Over this long span of our school's existence, we have shaped hundreds of students into professionals and responsible members of the society.

Thank you for choosing St. Arnold's School for your child and for placing your trust in us to provide the quality education you would like your child to receive.

Best wishes,

Rev. Fr. Pious Cyriac , SVD