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1. A month's notice is to be given before the withdrawal of the student from the school.

2. Notice of the withdrawal should be given in writing to the school office by the parent/guardian and by the student's friends or servants.

3. No transfer certificate will be issued until all the dues are paid.

4. No dues card should be submitted together with the T.C. withdrawal application.

5. Caution Money: Students taking a Transfer Certificate from the school must claim the caution money deposited by them within three months of issue of the T.C. Any claims made for refund of caution money after three months will not be entertained.





1. A student who remains absent for a day without getting the leave sanctioned should on returning to the school on the next day, bring proper entry in the ABSENCE RECORD failing which the student may not be allowed to enter the class.

2. The names of the students who remain absent from school for more than 15 days without any application for leave signed by their parents or guardians and duly sanctioned by the principal will be struck off from the school roll. In case they are re-admitted, the usual admission fees will be charged afresh.

3. In case of illness, the leave application must be submitted to the Principal, preferably on the day itself. Also the parents should produce a medical certificate.

4. Leave will be granted only in case of illness and in exceptional cases if applied well in advance listing valid reasons and given in writing. Without proper sanction of leave, no student shall absent himself/herself from the school at all.

5. For unexcused absence/late coming, appropriate punishment including deduction of marks will be given.

6. No students should leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher. In case of leaving the premises during school hours,permission must be obtained from the Principal or the Co-ordinator.

7. Absence of students from class for merely family functions is entirely discouraged and the school does not hold itself responsible for a student who suffers in her/his daily progress for lack of strict adherence to attendance rules.

8. No leave will be granted on Test & Periodic Evaluation days except for grave reasons. In such cases, parents have to come personally with proper application.

9. When the school sends a student for competition, games etc. it is entered in the Handbook and is to be signed by the teacher-in-charge. In the attendance, it will be marked present.

10. Attendance is compulsory on Independance Day, Republic Day, Teacher's Day, Children's Day, Sports Day, Annual Day, School Day, Open House Day, the week before starting an exam, last day before starting a holiday or opening day after the holidays and any other day the school specifies, on which no leave will be considered.


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